The most frequently asked questions, suggestions and attentions -

just everything a man/woman should know

  1. Please only enter the yacht with boat shoes: Boat shoes are shoes with a light-coloured, finely profiled rubber sole in which no stones can get wedged. Boat shoes are not trainers or sandals with a dark rubber sole, for example, because they leave nasty black marks on the deck and stones wedged in the sole scratch it. Shoes with leather soles or even heels are certainly not boat shoes. Best: BARFUß
  2. On-board toilet: Basically, the saying "Only put in the toilet what has gone through the stomach beforehand! is valid. Please do not throw any paper or solid objects into the on-board toilet. Fixing clogged toilets is a sh...(eußlich) job. As we already have electronic toilets, please do not use a toilet brush while flushing - the chopper is merciless!
    Dinghy: The dinghy must never be pulled over rocks and beaches. Damage to the rubber material by sharp objects such as shells or stones can be prevented in this way. A defective dinghy is no joy for you or the charter company.
  3. Hatches: Hatches are not 100% "tread-proof"! least not for seasoned sea dogs with the appropriate weight. You should therefore avoid standing fully on the hatches. This will bend the hatch and cause it to leak. It is even worse to lower the hatch and let it rest on the locking levers without closing it properly - then a single kick is enough to bend and break the levers.
  4. Please always leave the levers in the position in which you opened the hatch when the hatch is open, this will prevent the hatches from resting on the closing levers. Hull hatches (other hatches where fitted) and seacocks (except those for the engine) must be kept closed at all times while underway to prevent dangerous water ingress.
  5. Water quality: Our water on board is not 100% drinking water quality, therefore the consumption of the water is at your own risk.
  6. Allergies/illnesses: Please be sure to state! We are not nosy - this is only for your own safety.

    PACKING LIST - What needs to come along?

    Well, it doesn't have to be a duffel bag, but it especially mustn't be a suitcase. Because there is absolutely no room for that on board.

    This list is only intended as a guide. Not every detail is listed here and some things are not a must.

    So have fun packing! And remember the maximum weight for air travel (economy).

    Boarding shoes (an absolute must!!); non-marking, waterproof, with light-coloured soles, are only worn on board.
    Country shoes Are NOT (and never!!!) worn on board.
    Bathing slippers For the showers in the harbours; for stony bays (sharp stones and sea urchins)
    Socks ???? At 30 degrees and more?
    Long trousers For those who like it
    Sailing gloves For those who think they need them
    Underwear To taste...;-)
    Nightwear According to taste...;-)
    Sweaters/Sweatshirts 1 should be enough
    Washing things Goes WITHOUT until the first one complains
    Clothes Shore leave According to taste - and space in the bag
    Cap/Hat The sun can be brutal!
    Sunglasses IMPORTANT! As the sun is very blinding due to the water reflection, but please wear sunglasses with a strap.
    T-shirts, shorts -you live in them- at least in the warm season
    Swimwear Or otherwise WITHOUT
    Diving goggles Snorkel and fins if necessary
    Sun milk; no oil! With a high protection factor, the reflections on the water burn the skin particularly intensively, so CAUTION!
    Rope knife If available, preferably with wine and beer opener
    Identity cards Identity card is sufficient
    Health certificate or proof of foreign insurance
    Medication As needed (check with doctor if necessary) Girls: don't forget the pill! Vitamin tablets if necessary
    Mosquito repellent Autan or similar. Eating lots of garlic should also help!
    Seasickness If necessary, take them in good time. Consult a doctor or pharmacist.
    Toilet bag With contents!
    Money, credit cards EC card (Maestro) Visa, Mastercard & Co.


    The insurance covers the legal liability of the policyholder as the owner of the designated water sports craft for loss events within the agreed area of validity.
    Berth charter is included.

    Sums insured
    lump sum for personal injury and property damage € 5,000,000.00
    for financial losses € 200.000,00
    for damage to rented property € 200.000,00
    The total benefit for all insured events in an insurance year shall be twice these insured sums. The total benefit for personal injury is limited to € 2.5 million per person.